What do psychologists do

What do psychologists do?


Psychologists are interested in people’s “mental life”, that is, their thoughts and feelings and how these inform their behaviour.

Psychologists have in-depth training and skills in:

At work, psychologists use this knowledge to solve practical problems, such as low morale, dysfunctional teams, ineffective leadership or communication. Psychologists can help increase an organisation’s effectiveness and improve job satisfaction.

Observation and Assessment
Psychologists are trained to observe and assess people’s behaviour to understand what thoughts, feelings and motivations lay behind it. They may also assess an individual’s cognitive abilities or interpersonal style. Psychologists may observe a team for a short period to assess how they interact and function. They may conduct one-to-one interviews, individual assessments, facilitate focus group sessions or conduct telephone or paper-based surveys.

Advice and Guidance - Recommendations
Psychologists use the results of assessments and observation to reach conclusions about people’s behaviour and recommend a suitable course of action. This recommended action might be:

Implementing Solutions
Psychologists design and deliver training workshops, implement one-to-one or team coaching, they may also provide counselling. They frequently help organisations implement organisational changes and communicate more effectively with their workforce.

You can find further information on Psychology and the work of Psychologists at the British Psychological Society’s website