Tracy Foley, HR Manager – Walker Morris

Having Ruth as a consultant to the team has really enabled us to enhance our HR service to staff. She builds supportive, trusting relationships easily, and we know our staff value the independence and confidentiality she offers. For all her work, she provides useful evaluation reports which recommend next steps and help us maintain individual or team progress.

Ruth has supported staff through issues such as anxiety, stress and confidence crises. She has provided one-to-one support to new managers experiencing leadership and management issues. She has helped others improve their self-management skills and “fix” entrenched, inappropriate interpersonal styles (e.g. defensiveness, aggression). Ruth has also devised and facilitated a successful, 5-module Management Development programme for Walker Morris, along with various “Managing Pressure” workshops and a short Confidence Building course.

We see the individuals she works with grow in confidence and skills, and they become more productive in their roles, which is real value for money for us. I would highly recommend her.

Carla Wilde, Senior Manager - Lloyds Banking

Ruth designed and facilitated some initial management training for the newly-promoted managers in my team. She led the sessions expertly, the team have really valued and benefitted from her sessions, and individual colleagues and the team as a whole are reaping the benefits. The evaluation report was very professional and really brought to life the journey the team have been – and are – on. I look forward to working with Ruth again in the future.

Lindy Wainwright, Programme Manager for Knowledge Transfer & Principal Consultant – Answer Consulting Ltd

Over the past 4 years Ruth has worked as an associate member of my team and has provided specialist skills and expertise to augment the provision of our services to clients.

As a Knowledge Mentor she has provided essential support to Subject Matter Experts who have benefitted from Ruth’s encouragement and experience as they seek to scope, cascade and share knowledge with their colleagues. Ruth has driven knowledge programmes to their conclusion, achieving consistent success, and exceeding client expectations.

Ruth has been a key contributor when we have required her specialisms in areas of Management Training and Behavioural Counselling, with feedback particularly focussed on Ruth’s professionalism and how expertly she prepares for, leads and follows-up on sessions. Managers comment on how their teams have valued their involvement in these sessions and the benefits they have seen in their areas post these programmes.

Ruth never limits herself to 100%. She consistently provides additional value through her expert communication and reporting skills as well as her extended support to all those she works with. Ruth is a highly valued member of our associate team and we are exceptionally lucky to be able to call on her expertise in times of need.

Frances Taylor, Training & Development Manager for School Support & Associate Staff - Wakefield Schools

Over the course of five years, Ruth has delivered many training workshops for our support staff, including “Presenting with Confidence”, “Making the most of yourself at interviews” and the ever popular, long-running “Basic Counselling Skills”. Those participating in the counseling skills workshops have gained more confidence and skills to support troubled children in class. The course has also inspired a number of participants to study for professional counselling qualifications, which continues to enhance their work.

Ruth has been a regular presenter at our Annual Support Staff Conference, delivering short sessions in Performance Management, Time Management and Work-Life balance. She has also supported my own team with half day sessions in “Influencing and Persuading”, and “Delivering engaging presentations”, which have helped us considerably in our roles across the Region.

Ruth is always professional, provides useful materials and has reliably and consistently achieved positive feedback from her participants. Her services have represented real value for money and she has been a valued consultant to the support staff team within Wakefield Schools.

John Sharpe, Learning & Development Manager, Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation

I have worked with Ruth in my current and previous roles for in excess of 4 years now. From the moment she first won a contract with me, and at every subsequent point we have been in contact, Ruth has been professional and exceptionally genuine. From Management Development Programmes to one-on-one coaching the work Ruth has done for me has been exceptionally positive and, based upon feedback, very well received. I would have no hesitation in recommending Ruth at all.

Blanche Champion, English Lecturer & Programme Manager for Access to Higher Education Course - Park Lane Further Education College

Ruth has been a Psychology tutor on the Access Course to Higher Education for six years. As a tutor, Ruth has provided stimulating and original modes of learning which are very student based. She is able to make complex ideas and arguments accessible without over simplifying or “talking down” to her learners. In addition, she has helped many individual students to understand and overcome their barriers to learning. External examiners have constantly commented on Ruth’s outstanding marking which always clearly identifies the learners’ strengths and details their areas for improvement. Whilst understanding student problems, she has always established firm guidelines with her groups so they are very clear about what is expected of them. Her own love and deep interest in her own subject has inspired many to continue their studies in psychology at degree level.

Ruth mixes well with students and staff from a range of ages, social backgrounds and ethnic groups. She has always been very willing to share her ideas and materials with others. She has also very generously and effectively mentored two new tutors helping them to gain knowledge and confidence in their roles.

Having been in employment both in education and in the private sector for many years, I can truly state that I have never worked with a better colleague than Ruth. She is highly intelligent without arrogance, totally reliable and organised whilst being flexible as a team member. I cannot recommend her highly enough.